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		My work has a consistent theme involving the study       
	of human  expressions.  From  pushing the  boundaries that       
	the skin can stretch, to  juxtaposing  other elements such       
	as fabrics, candy,  and jewelry against the  face, my work      
	is a constant  challenge  and  an endless struggle  to see       
	what new levels I can take realist portraiture to.       
		I am always exploring new ideas as  I  do not like       
	to  limit   myself.  This    is  part  of  a  deep  seated      
	psychological  issue from  childhood  where I  find myself      
	fueled by frustration and trying to  accomplish everything       
	all at once. This is also  the  reason I  am  so  drawn to       
	realism which is evident in  my  work. As a kid I  rapidly       
	became more and more obsessive  and  neurotic  (the result       
	of  a  highly  degrading  social life), so  I  strive  for       
	perfection in my work as a way to balance out my  personal       
	imperfections.  I  can't  help  working  out  every little       
	detail as  perfectly  as  my skill  level  will  allow  to       
	satisfy my  obsessive need  for perfection. My portraiture       
	has  evolved  over  the  years  to  include   more  daring      
	subjects  and  styles  but there  is  still  a very strong       
	rooted traditional realist  background in every  portrait.       
		Each of my  projects  takes on a  new direction as       
	my  experiences  and interests broaden. There  is  so much       
	to be said that I feel  it  is  imperative  to  explore as      
	much  variety  as  possible.  Although  I  feel no need to      
	stick  to  a  single  theme  or  body  of  work,  I   will       
	continue  to  pursue  portraiture  until  I  feel  I  have       
	exhausted its artistic quarry.